Quick Start Guide

Follow these simple instructions after you have completed the set up process.  If you have not completed the set up process yet, click here.

Welcome Everyone!,

My name is Mike Zagare and I'm really REALLY excited for you. The tools and strategies inside PPC Entourage has helped us build and expand our Amazon business in much less time than we originally thought was possible.  It is our mission to help your business do the same by leveraging the power of Amazon PPC.

I realize that getting used to a new program or software can be difficult at first. This guide will help to ease that process so that you can start to implement the cost savings strategies and campaign expansion strategies right away!

I am a true believer that any tool or software should 1) Simplify your life and 2) Provide 10X more value than the price you are paying for it.  Thats why I want you to get started with these simple steps.  Just by implementing NEGATIVE WORD FINDER ALONE you could more than cover your investment in Entourage.

So go ahead and get started by using this Quick Start Guide. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Always here to help.

Go crush it!


The Big Picture - How Entourage Can Simplify PPC


Helps you get MORE TRAFFIC to your amazon listing

  • Enter lists of keywords from outside sources and compare to current active keywords, revealing only NEW KEYWORDS to use in campaigns.
  • Find and eliminate DUPLICATE KEYWORDS and also see where those keywords are performing best and which match type they are performing best in.
  • Easily select campaigns and analyze which keywords are within your profit zone. Use this to select into other match types ( more info in Blueprint).
  • Search ANY keyword ANYWHERE amongst ANY of your campaigns and know the details instantly.
  • EXPAND using Search Term Expansion by finding the search terms that have resulted in sales BUT ARE NOT KEYWORDS YET.  Come back weekly for new opportunities!


Helps you optimize your listing on Amazon to improve conversions

  • Enter your profit margins for each SKU to discover EXACTLY how profitable your PPC campaigns are.
  • Learn the keywords that are profitable/non profitable for the SKU and track those keywords over time!
  • Find out which keywords are getting ZERO IMPRESSIONS to you can adjust your bullet points/listing details on amazon
  • IMPORTANT- Learn the EXACT INDIVIDUAL WORDS that have led to sales, broken down by profitability and popularity. Use these to fill your back end search term fields with the very BEST words in the VERY BEST order!
  • Start an A/B test to see the impact that a change to your listing is having on that product



  • A true game changer- optimize your campaigns in minutes NOT HOURS
  • Track and log each change you make to a campaign to stay organized and certain about the results of that optimization!
  • Follows 4 simple steps to optimize 1) SKU optimization, 2) Keyword optimization, 3) Search Term Optimization, 4) Negative Word Finder
  • SKU Optimization- SKU's that are above your ACOS profit zone are highlighted in RED to help you consider pausing that SKU
  • Keyword Optimization - Broken down into profitable vs non profitable keywords AND by Ad group. Use the NEW BID feature to have our system suggest a NEW BID based on average cost per click and your ACOS profit zone.
  • Search Term Optimization- Find the EXACT SEARCH TERMS  that are draining your bank account. Use these to optimize using a NEGATIVE EXACT- saving your lots!
  • Negative Word Finder - Find the INDIVIDUAL WORDS that are repeatedly costing you money. Use these as a NEGATIVE PHRASE MATCH to save a ton! Come back weekly for more words. 

Overwhelmed? Follow these 5 Simple Steps Below

1) Set Profit Margins For Each SKU

2) Negative Word Finder

Lets skip all of the fluff and get right to the good stuff. Negative word finder is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective cost saving tools available to Amazon sellers. Here you will find all of the individual words that are eating away at your profits. 

How to get there: From the PPC Entourage home page, click on Campaign Optimization.  Now you will see a list of campaigns. Click on a campaign where you have spent lots of money on Ad Spend and needs optimizing.

Once you are on that campaigns page, click on search term optimization and click on Negative Word Finder...

Check out all of the words that are eating away at your budget.  Our algorithm finds the individual words that have lots of clicks but are leading to unprofitable sales or no sales at all!

How to save money: Go through your list of words and select the ones that are eating away at your budget the most. Make sure you comb through the words and pick out the ones that are really irrelevant, you are probably going to be surprised a bit!   Once you have your list, go to seller central and add these words as a NEGATIVE PHRASE MATCH on a campaign level. You'll never have to pay for that mismatched unprofitable click again!

3) Learn the Difference Between a Keyword and Search Term

4) Find Golden Nugget Search Terms

PPC Entourage's Power PPC has some really helpful features that can help you expand and build your PPC exposure on amazon. The Search Term Expansion feature was the secret weapon that helped us get massive exposure to our products 

How to get there: From the PPC Entourage home page, click on Power PPC.  Click on Search Term Expansion. 

How to get more traffic: First, choose a desirable ACoS range that is within your profit margin. We always use 45% and it works quite nicely.  Next, select the SKU's on the lefthand side that you wish to expand on.  All of the current PPC campaigns that SKU is in will appear to the right. Noe select all of the campaigns and click FIND KEYWORDS.

Now a list of keywords and search terms will appear below. Next, click on NEW KEYWORDS ONLY. By clicking on this, our system will find all of the customer search terms that resulted in PROFITABLE SALES  but are not yet inside any of your current campaigns. 

Now copy and paste that new list of keywords and put them into a brand new PPC campaign. Make sure you come back week after week to check for new keywords. We have been doing this for 7 months and still get 100-300 new keywords WEEKLY

5) Back End Listing Optimization

Find the individual words that have resulted in the most profitable sales. This way you can make sure your back end search term fields, titles, bullet points etc are optimized. 

How to get there: From the PPC Entourage home page, click on LISTING OPTIMIZATION.  Click on Search Term Expansion. 

There are MANY more ways to leverage the power of PPC Entourage to help you expand your business.  It is our mission to provide the most user-friendly and essential PPC tool for Amazon sellers by 1) Expanding visibility to reach more customers 2) Cutting needless ad spend 3) Freeing up your valuable time.  Helping Amazon sellers is a big part of who we are. Make sure to checkout the blueprint series for a more in depth view of campaign strategies.

Whats Next?

Each module inside of Entourage will have a short video to help you learn exactly what we do to leverage the power of PPC Entourage. Click on TRAINING VIDEOS to learn more.

Let's Talk Strategy

Introducing PPC Labs

Do you have a new campaign expansion strategy? A new optimization strategy?

Let's start an experiment and help each other grow!  

You're new strategy could help many other sellers and may also be featured on our website, community forum and blueprint!

Here are the rules:

1) All experiments and strategies must be clearly documented and run for at least one month.

2) All before and after metrics including ACoS, impressions, CTR%, Ave CPC, Conversion %, Orders must be clearly documented. 

3) You will never have to reveal your product information, just the strategy.

TO GET STARTED: Follow this link